Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Surviving on caffeine and adrenaline!

37 days. I am getting married in 37 days. 37. Days. Oh my.

To say that this past week has been "busy" would be a gross injustice. I have been in a six-day wedding hurricane. We are absolutely on the home stretch and feeling it. My life is like this: Pay Sandals the remaining balance so we can be done with it (yay!), Contact invitation designer to find out that her printer is broken and your invitations will be done later than expected, Fill out DJ forms to include the songs you love (and the ones you don't), Coordinate with photographer regarding upcoming engagement session (a little late, I'm aware), Buy out every lantern you find from 3 different Hobby Lobbies (If you are looking for a lantern... you're out of luck because I own them ALL), Pick out delicious Italian food for catering (definitely not complaining about this one), Wine tasting for shower and wedding (you know...because we HAD to), Pop your head in to say "Happy Birthday Grandpa!", Meet with Invitation lady to see your beautiful invitations!, Help your Mom pick out a dress for the wedding (fyi to the Nordstrom lady... Pacific Blue and Smoke are two different colors), Speak with photographer about the next day's engagement session to find out she broke her foot and reschedule (Hope you feel better), Break down with stress overload (An apparent right-of-passage for every bride to be), Cake testing at 9:30 AM (Delicious... I am down for cake for breakfast any day), Pick out linens and table runners (Amen for Lisa's pre-rental store Math), Find out that your beautiful custom invitations still need to be mailed (and like, today), RUN into the post office before they close to pick out wedding stamps (Only one kind in the 65 cent category? I will take them.), Find out that the fabulous customizing you had done to the invitations makes them almost impossible to stay shut (and make a 10 pm run to Kroger to buy every glue and tape they have), Publicly apologize through your blog to anyone who will have trouble opening your invitation as you have done everything but staple them shut so they will stay (Just thought I'd slip that one in here.)

Woah. Slow your roll, Honey, because it has only just begun!!!

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