Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy One Month Countdown!

Well Folks, exactly ONE MONTH from today we will be getting married! It doesn't quite seem real until you say it out loud. We have been engaged for well over a year, and it all comes down to the home stretch! Things are falling into place, and we are tying up any loose ends that we can. One thing we were able to cross off the list this week was Engagement photos. A little late in the game, yes, I'm aware. However, we have now accomplished them and it was no easy task, let me tell you. I myself dabble in the art of photography, and it seems much different to be on the other side of the camera. It was so much work! Oh, and did I mention that both Rick and I happen to be sick as dogs on the day of the shoot? Perfect. Unfortunately, when you wait until the last minute to have engagement pictures done, there really is no more room for "rescheduling." So, we popped a few tylenol... and away we went. Let me first say that I positively can not wait to see the pictures, because I am 100% sure we will love them. Our photographer is fabulous, and I trust her completely. That being said, we worked hard for those shots! There were tree-climbing incidents (I have bruises to prove it!), "alleged" illegal moving of barriers for the sake of the background (I saw NOTHING), a hay fight (my photographer and her assistant helped me pull hay out of my hair for 20 minutes!), walking past the "Patrons are NOT permitted to change clothes in the restrooms" sign to go in and  what else? - change clothes, and mastering the art of being PERFECTLY still while standing in the middle of a creek (Don't ask me to explain this one, just wait until the pictures get here!) I will share them with you as soon as they are put up on her website!

Talk to you soon, and Happy One Month Countdown!

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