Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Bride 'Shooting' Another

Hello! Well, my last excuse for being so busy was that my Mom got married. This time, I'm using another wedding as my reason for blogging so rarely. I was a bridesmaid for my lovely friend Mo and her fabulous John aka JohnBear. They were married in Ft Worth last Friday. In exchange for the use of the photos in my portfolio, I took Mo's bridal portraits a few weeks ago. She was so easy to shoot, and it was that much more fun because we're such good friends. I have had to be very careful how much I share these photos so that John couldn't see the dress beforehand! Now that they are officially an old married couple, I want to show you a couple of the finals from that awesome shoot! It made me excited not only for her wedding, but for all of my own wedding festivities to start! Now that these two weddings have passed, I can start focusing on my own wedding again, so I'm giving scouts honor that the next blog post will be back to wedding prep chaos!

Monday, October 3, 2011


I have been overwhelmingly Missing In Action for a couple of weeks now, and I suppose an apology is in order for that. Life has been particularly sarcastic for the last while, and I promise not to let her get in the way of my blog so much anymore. The past few weeks have been filled to the brim with everything from volleyball to photography to food poisoning. And almost everything else you can imagine in between. But perhaps the most notable, (and admittedly the best excuse I can provide as to why I haven't blogged) is that my Momma got married! On October 1st, they had a fabulous small wedding at the Gaylord.  As I am no stranger to weddings (and the hoopla), my expectations for the Gaylord were high. Sky high. The organization of everything didn't quite reach the sky for me (ie. The giant shooting fountain went off 30 min before it was supposed to and made it  a little hard to hear the preacher), but the venue is undeniably gorgeous. Overall, it was great, and I know that my Mom is over the moon happy. So I am hoping that if I post some pictures here, it will act as my peace offering for being absent. See you soon!