Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The word "Bridal" is expensive.

I have been absent for awhile. No excuses this time, except maybe if you will accept Thanksgiving as a valid excuse for what really has been blog-laziness. Honestly, wedding stuff has not been all-consuming the past couple of months. I have concluded that wedding hoopla is crazy when you first get engaged, then slows down alot, then takes over your life about midway when you start booking everything, then dies down again, then creeps into your life and completely swallows you until the day itself. This is my highly educated theory. However, just because I'm in what is probably the first lull in engagement doesn't mean that I haven't been spotting some things that I like. So far I have learned one thing for sure. The word "Bridal" is a very expensive word. If you make two identical things, but put the word "bridal" in the title of one, you are allowed to sell that one for quadruple the price. "What cute socks... Oh, these are BRIDAL socks? Ok, then $85 makes sense. I'll take them." I was looking at peacock hair pieces on etsy, and found one I liked that was about $20. Perfectly acceptable. Then I typed in "Bridal" peacock hair pieces. I promise that I found a piece almost identical to the one I'd found earlier, except this time it was $60. Absurd. From now on, everything I make and sell will be titled "Bridal ___" so I can reach my goal of becoming a trillionaire before I turn 25.

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